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CCMS - Custom Craft Mini Scleral

The CCMS is our latest design. Potential applications include Keratoconus, Post Refractive SX and Multifocals.

CAM (Custom Aspheric Back Surface Mulifocal)

An easy to fit custom design multifocal with add effect up to +2.00 diopters.

CAM PLUS (Back Surface)

The more recent higher add version with add effect up to +2.50 diopters

CAM F Multifocal (Front Surface)

The Latest evolution in the CAM series with aspheric simultaneous optics on the anterior surface of the lens which gives perfectly natural vision at all ranges.


CAK (Custom Aspheric Keratoconus)

Proprietary, unique approach to fitting keratoconus.


A - Cone Keratoconus Lens

Easy to use fitting system for Keratonic and Pmd patients.


B - Design Diagnostic Set 

A simple, inexpensive and highly accurate system to ensure true "on K" lens/cornea relationship.

CC Aspheric

Our standard peripheral treatment which closely matches the aspheric shape of a normal cornea.

CAP (Controled Aspheric Periphery)

A peripheral treatment that allows the fitter to choose from four aspheric values to align well on all corneal shapes. CAP 4, 6, 8, & 10 each having a distinct aspheric value increasing for flatter corneal "E" values.

Custom Toric

A proprietary custom back surface toric design that virtually eliminates the need for more expensive Bitoric lenses. We design from patients K readings and spectacle Rx.

RK Design

Developed in the 1980's to fit early post RK corneas in reverse geometry shapes which  works well with post- 

refractive surgery patients requiring correction.

PK Design

Large diameter lens design that simplifies post keratoplasty fits.

Ortho K Design

Our CCS lens is designed from patients K readings and spectacle Rx and manufactured in Boston XO material.


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